Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Is Almost Women’s Day

I don’t know who came up with the idea that spring should start on March 21st. To me, spring starts today. March 1st. And one of the coolest Russian holidays, Women’s Day, is only a week away.

March 8th is probably the most important holiday as far as women are concerned. On this day men of all ages are basically supposed to worship women (not that they shouldn’t do it everyday). They shower women with compliments, gifts and flowers. They take women out for dinner and worship their unimpeachable beauty.

March 8th is an official day off, but it is common to have corporate parties dedicated to women a day before.

Ah, it is a beautiful day. I told you before that Russians are not as friendly as Americans and they wouldn’t smile to you on the street. On March 8th everything is possible. Even the most shy and unsociable men often say “Happy 8th of March” or something like that (in Russian, of course) to women they don’t know.

This holiday brings me so many memories and just like pretty much every holiday, it brings me sadness. I miss my family who are thousands kilometers away; I miss my friends who celebrate these holidays without me now. I miss compliments, cards and flowers (even though I don’t like flowers). I miss spirit of the holiday in the air and I feel that every Russian holiday that I don’t celebrate takes away my cultural identity.

I am not fussy and not very high-maintenance, but holidays are tough for me. And you know what my American hubby does? He forgets about them.

I mean I can understand that Russian holidays don’t mean anything for him; and he has a hundred of other things on his mind. He is a great guy and I know he loves me, but for some reason he refuses to remember this day. (and yes, I hint for months in advance)

This and some other cultural differences inspired me to create another blog, called Russian Wife. I just started it and it doesn’t have many posts yet, but I am getting there. The idea is to help guys who are either looking for a Russian wife or are married to one, overcome problems associated with cultural differences. I don’t mind sharing our personal stories with people as far as it will help them. My husband agrees.

This post(link) was supposed to be about Russian holidays in general, but I couldn’t help myself and wrote mostly about the 8th of March. Sigh.

I guess I should just suck it up and buy flowers and a gift myself, because I have a strange feeling that this year’s Women’s day will be forgotten as well.

Sorry if I sounded too grumpy. When I sat down to write this I just wanted to wish Happy 8th of March to all the ladies who read my blog, and to suggest that every guy who reads this does something special for their women on March 8th. Because firstly, this holiday is actually called “INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day”, and secondly, don’t you think your women deserves this?

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Darlene said...

Happy 8th of March (almost, and in advance)! Sounds like such a fun tradition.
It is so hard to miss home.
We lived for years in the South, and while it was not another country, it was still VERY different culturally (just gonna have to trust me on this one!!). Every Fall, especially, I would get so sad because it did not feel like home in so many ways.
It is amazing how Home gets buried deep into our souls.
I totally think you should celebrate!! And you know what else I think? I think you should quit hinting, and TELL your husband that you would like to celebrate this holiday. (I know that kinda takes some of the fun out, but c'mon, it will be worth it to catch a glimpse of Home).
All of this reminds me that we all have a longing for our Eternal Home. This is not our true Home, and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

The Inept Aspirant said...

Nata, I wish you a happy March 8, (in Russian)! Sorry for your homesickness. I hope your hubby surprises you after all.

Kim said...

It's celebrated here in Argentina too! Not sure how much, since this will be my first one.

I cannot understand how Hallmark hasn't latched onto this potentially HUGE money making holiday and made it the biggest thing since Valentine's Day.

My hubby is the same way. He didn't even get me a card, to say nothing of flowers, for our 25th anniversary.

Clearly I'm over it (we'll be celebrating our 30th this year). LOL


rita said...

This was so interesting!
I happened on your blog through your comment to Kim, my SIL.
And, though I grew up in Argentina, I didn't know about that day. Maybe back in my day it was not celebrated like now.
Happy, blessed, celebration of your WOMANHOOD, which I'm sure is described in Prov. 31!

Happy Mama said...

Thank you all. You are so kind.
I had a pretty good day after all:-)