Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ant Hill Cake Recipe

After writing my previous post, I started feeling guilty, so to make up for all the negativity from my previous post, I decided to post a recipe for one of my favorite Russian cakes: Ant Hill.

IMHO this is one of these “to die for” cakes. Although not terribly attractive, it is delicious and is VERY easy to make.

You need:

1 can of condensed milk for the cream

2 sticks of butter (or about 200 grams) + 1 stick for cream

2 tbsp of water

half a tsp of salt

1 tsp of baking soda +2-3 spoons of white vinegar

2 eggs

2 cups of flour

2 tbsp of sugar

walnuts or pecans or poppy seeds (all optional)

For dough
: mix 2 sticks of butter with 2 blended eggs. Add 2 spoons of sugar and 2 spoons of water. Mix soda and vinegar together. Add to the mix. Add 2 cups of flour. Mix until your dough forms small to medium crumbs. If it doesn’t, add more flour and mix again. Put crumbs on a baking sheet (I usually use 2 baking sheets) and spread them evenly. Bake for 7-10 minutes or until light brown at 375 Fahrenheit.Let them cool down a little.

(if it seems like too much, buy shortbread cookies and make small crumbs out of them;-))

For cream
: Boil a can of condensed milk for an hour - hour and a half. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS HAVE PLENTY OF WATER IN YOUR POT, BECAUSE OTHERWISE THE CAN CAN EXPLODE! It happened to me once and it was not pretty!!! (If you have never done it and are scared of the process, don’t boil it.)Mix it with 1 stick of soft butter. If you wish add a cup or two of chopped nuts or half a cup of dried poppy seeds.

Mix cream with the crumbs. Form a little hill or whatever you are capable of, because it is quite messy. I usually wet my hands in cold water, so all the good stuff doesn’t stick.

Put to the refrigerator for at least an hour.It always tastes better the next day though.

If you want to be fancy, you can cover it with chocolate icing

Try it. It is worth it!

Feel free to message me with any questions.

PS. This is how it is supposed to look like:


Debbie said...

That sounds so good, yet oddly doesn't look it! But, with ingredients like that, how could you go wrong?

Happy Mama said...

haha, I know. That's why I don't make it for guests.:-)))
(1. it's ugly; 2. I don't want to share any, because it is so good)

LittlePeopleWealth said...

That sounds so good! It isn't the prettiest, LOL - but I bet kids would think it looks cool.

Kelly said...

If you want it to look nice you can put it in a square baking pan, press it and flatten the surface. After it cools down in the fridge, it should be hard enough to cut with a knife into squares. Or you can serve it cone-shaped (cut it with a glass cup). You can also sprinkle chocolate shavings on the top. Will look delicious, but CAUTION! your guests will eat it all if it looks good as well :-)

RawCaribe├▒a said...

Oh my goodness. I used to make this cake. I learned it from a girl I had met in Ukraine. However, I would use a meat grinder to get the rolly polly effect. I'm making it again for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love this cake(: I add dried cranberries & pecans to make it more special/delicious. Many russian people love this cake too, lol.

Natalya Perullo said...

My aunt and uncle from Ukraine use to make a cake they called an anthill cake. It was essentially a cake with prunes stuffed with nuts, piled with cream in between and on top and topped off with some shaved dark chocolate. I think they called it an ant hill cake, but that might be wrong. Would you know of any cake that sounds similar? I've been searching for that recipe.