Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Bible. Did You Know?

Most of my atheist friends think that my faith in Jesus is just as bizarre as belief in the Easter Bunny.
“You can’t argue with science,” they would say with an arrogant smile. (Ironically, most often I hear it from those who were dreading and hating science at school.) “People chose to believe these outdated concepts, because it is easy to believe in something than trying to understand the world scientifically. It is obvious”.
Trying to prove otherwise is usually just as useless as hitting your head on a brick wall hoping it would break. I’ve been on both sides of the “wall” and without hesitation I can say that being a Christian is a pretty darn hard work. It is not easy to try to be like Jesus, because of our sinful human nature; it is not easy when people you love think you are crazy and foolish for being a Christian; it is not easy to forgive, love and live the way God wants us to… If you tried, you know what I am talking about.
It also amazes me that so many people blindly trust in anything that has label “science” on it, without even realizing that science also has its own faith-based belief system… But I don’t feel like philosophizing about this today. There are numerous sites that do the job (such as www.godandscience.org).
Today I want to write about the Bible
Many don’t know that the Bible has more external historical evidence for authenticity that any other book in history. There are now more than 24000 known manuscript copies of the New Testament in existence. No other document of antiquity even begins to approach such numbers. The historical reliability of the Bible was tested many times by the same criteria used on all historical documents. Homer's Iliad is in second place behind the New Testament among ancient writings and it has just 643 copies. Yet how many people doubt Iliad’s authenticity and how many people doubt the Bible’s?
The Bible has proven itself to be archeologically accurate also. No archaeological evidence has been found that disproves the Bible's account of civilizations and cultures.
The more discoveries are made, the more proof is found for its authenticity. There are tons of information about it on the web, in books and periodicals.
And yet, people still chose to disbelieve. Many assume that the Bible is just a book of myths, legends and fiction characters (yes, some parts of the Bible ARE and were meant to be fiction) and don’t bother checking it out. The majority of people from my surroundings who mock Bible and think that it is a book of fairy tales have never actually read it, or even opened it.
I’ve noticed that many Christians don’t care about the historical reliability of the Bible. They either have no interest in such proof (they just KNOW the Bible is true) or they assume there is none — that it cannot be done. Since I became a Christian, I didn’t need any proof anymore, but before I became one it would have been greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, no one ever pointed out to the fact that Bible was not “made up by some crazy people” like I used to think. Bible is a historical document. But just like many others, I just assumed there would be no proof of any historical evidence and that Christian religion is based on blind faith.
I realize that the fact that the Bible’s has historical evidence is not going to turn everyone who finds out about it to Christianity. I just think that we, as Christians, can and should defend our faith and it is our responsibility to be able to defend it intellectually. Christians are constantly put on spot by atheists and non-believers, because they don’t know how to use facts, reason and logic to stand up for their faith or they are too lazy to do that. God gave us all brain, which is a terrible thing to waste.
So if somebody asks you,
How you, a smart guy/gal, can believe all these religion stuff which doesn’t even make sense?”
Instead of answering with: ”Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”, you can say:
“Did you know that there are more than 24000 known manuscript copies of the New Testament in existence?…No?! Well, let me tell you…”

And then, don’t forget to pray hard for their salvation.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Don't Blame Me"

While I am trying to create another post, I decided to post this short poem. It always makes me think.

"I am the LIGHT,
but you don't see me;

I am the WAY,
but you don't follow me;

I am the TRUTH,
but you don't believe me;

I am the TEACHER,
but you don't listen to me;

I am your LORD,
but you don't obey me;

I am your GOD,
but you don't pray to me;

I am your BEST FRIEND,
but you don't love me.

If you are unhappy,
don't blame me."