Friday, December 5, 2008

Starving Student’s Shopping Guide

Since it is the end of the semester and I don’t seem to have time to write anything other than my school papers, I decided to recycle one of the articles, which I wrote for my univ. newspaper and post it here (with some revisions). I love fashion and since I don’t work, finding bargains is a must for me. Hubby says nobody can beat me.

With the imminent season of holidays and parties many start to ask the most important question of the year: what to wear. With the economy being in a dismal state people also think of how they can afford it.

The best way to save money would be to stay home and celebrate the holidays in a favorite pair of sweatpants while eating freshly baked gingerbread cookies. The second best bet would be to wear an outfit which made you look absolutely breathtaking at last year’s Christmas party. However, if you would rather die than wear the same dress two years in a row and if you hate gingerbread cookies, here are other suggestions.

One of the best places to shop for an outfit is the internet. Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity and there are many reasons why. It not only saves gas and reduces air pollution. If you know where and how to shop, online shopping can also save a fair amount of money.

The bargain web giants, which everyone needs to know are Bargain Outfitters, Overstock and Smart Bargains. These sites sell top quality brand name items for 20 - 90 percent less than the retail price.

The quantities and the sizes are limited, so if you really like something, don’t hesitate to buy it right away. Otherwise, somebody else will.

Another lifesaving site, predominantly for ladies, is MJR Sales, which sells brand name new clothing, lingerie and shoes as well as customer return items. Their official website states: “Most of our product offered on our website comes from the “Worlds Most Famous Lingerie and Sportswear catalogue! So famous we can’t say the name, but you know who we are talking about.”

If you haven’t guessed, they sell Victoria’s Secret merchandise. Everything labeled as Moda, Famous Catalog or Colin Stewart comes directly from Victoria’s Secret and is a 100 percent authentic and unbelievably cheap.

Compare, Flirty Little Scoopneck Dress on sale at $79,
aka identical Moda Curvy Jersey Scoopneck from $14.99.

(courtesy of

(courtesy of
MJR Sales shipping rates are pretty high, but on every holiday the site runs free shipping promotions (by the way,they have free shipping now!!!), which is the best time to jump in and stock up on your favorites.

To make online shopping even sweeter, there are numerous websites that feature coupon codes for almost every major store that exists on the web. Among the most popular ones are, and You can find and share printable and online coupons for more than 20,000 stores.

For even bigger savings, everyone should use cash back sites, like BigCrumbs or, which pay you every time you buy something through their links. If you click the links to visit your favorite stores, it can save you 1 to 30 percent on each purchase.

Even though online shopping has many benefits, there are a number of people who wouldn’t buy anything without touching or trying it first.

For people, who prefer traditional Brick and Mortar but still like to save money, there are always discount and outlet stores, which are worth checking out. Also, pre-holiday sales are particularly good this year, because concerned retailers are trying to find ways to turn skittish shoppers into buyers. From Bon-Ton to Banana Republic, stores are offering 20 to 70 percent sales on their usually overpriced merchandise.

So, whatever your shopping preferences are and your budget is, there is no need to blame the economy and spend New Year’s Eve in pajamas and with a sour face. With a whole heap of excitement, a trifle of effort and a little bit of money you can score the perfect holiday outfit and forget about the economy, recession, papers and finals. At least for a day.

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