Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Can’t I Withstand Societal Pressures?

Ta-da! I have a blog.

I am not sure why though, since I don’t seem to have time to even reply to my e-mails and since I absolutely hate typing (probably because I still type with three fingers staring at the keyboard). But “they” kept saying that it is almost illegal not to have a blog these days, especially if you like to write.

Now, I do love to write. My idea and process of writing were always a little different though. I would usually go to Barnes&Noble, purchase a Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappuccino, then go to the Gifts for Readers isle and spend a good hour trying to decide between a breathtaking Italian leather journal and a classy squared Moleskin Legendary Notebook. I would end up taking both of them home, smelling them, touching pages (I never said I was normal) and spending another hour making up my mind on which one to start with.

There is nothing like writing on the first page of a stainless and pure journal. I don’t know why, but my handwriting gradually decreases with every page. On the first page it is beautiful, almost immaculate; by the middle of the journal it looks like the entries were written by a second-grader who had a broken hand. When it starts looking like this I know it is time to start another journal. Of course I do it with a great pleasure.

Technology takes all of these simple pleasures away from me. I type slowly and my unique and maybe genius thoughts are often lost due to my eyes’ and fingers’ lack of speed. Oh well. Since I cannot withstand societal pressures, here I am, blogging. Even if I completely suck at it, from now on if somebody asks me if I’ve ever had a blog, I can carelessly shake my hair and absently wave my hand: “oh yeah… Been there, done that.” And nobody will be able to call me “neanderthal” ever again.


Sean said...

You write fine...Plus no hand cramps. Wait I take that back.
In any event....At least you can share here. Plus the whole penmanship thing doesn't come into play.
I do the same thing...As far as journals.
Can't wait to here more thoughts on what you first thought of the US....Especially after living in Belarus and Poland.
I know my ex-girlfriend was from Poland and would tell me all the weird misconceptions she had about the US.
I think the same would be for an American visiting Eastern Europe.

Stacy said...

I, too, said I would never have a blog. I just couldn't figure out why anyone would want to read about my life.

But, I gave in, and have really enjoyed blogging.

I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more!