Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Before I Came to America

When I heard about the opportunity to come visit the United States of America, I didn't think twice. I was a 20-year old frivolous student craving adventures and adrenaline. America seemed to be a perfect place to satisfy both.

My vision of America, thanks to the centralized gate-keeping media, was quite primitive. Tall glass buildings, junk food, Coca-Cola, dollars, peanut butter, fake smiles, white teeth and sneakers. Hey, this was way better than what the Soviets thought of America during the Cold War (see the picture: Anti-American poster, 1970s).

The original plan was to come to the US in Summer to work, earn some bucks, try peanut butter and travel (for 4 months total). I was expecting an adventure to spice up my life a little. If somebody told me back than that I was going to the U.S. to find God, get married to "one of those American guys", give births to two American children and stay there for good, I would have laughed hysterically.

This is me 3 months before leaving: naive and clueless that very shortly my life would turn upside down (in a good way).

PS. I am not sad. Russians don't smile much. And yes, the hair color was not the best choice for me.

Want to make God laugh? Tell Him about your plans.:-)


Darlene said...

I enjoyed this post. I just love your perspective, and would love to hear more of your story!

Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to following along with your posts.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have come to your blog this evening; I found your posts very engaging and sweet. I have not been to Russia, but I have been to a country that was formerly part of the Soviet Union. When I was a little girl in grade school, we had a mock Olympics, and we could choose any country to represent. I was the only one who chose Russia, and I wore her colors proudly in the parade. This was in the 1970s, so you can see what and "odd" choice that was for a little American girl. People tell me I "look Russian," whatever that means! So, I have rambled on a little in this comment, but I just wanted you to know that I will love reading your perspective about things, especially how you came to know God. Thanks again, Linda

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- I love the view from your side... and you are beautiful!


Sean said...

Hey...Love the anti-american posters. Great stuff!

Marina said...

I enjoyed your thoughts coming to america that was really good. marina